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Principal Message

Secondary school years are a time for growth, challenge and discovery. We believe that education is a journey of self-discovery, a journey where Whitleyans, regardless of their background and starting point, are given diverse opportunities to discover their strengths and develop them into talents driven by their passion to succeed.

Our goal at Whitley is to provide an enriching, engaging, and challenging curriculum that will prepare students for success in life. This is done through a holistic education which provides a myriad of developmental and talent management programmes and educational experiences aimed at helping every Whitleyan discover their interest and develop the passion and drive to pursue their strengths.

The Whitleyan’s journey provides many opportunities for learning and growth into a self-directed and confident learner and a concerned and active contributor. Our two distinctive programmes, namely Speech Communication Arts and Active Citizenship for Social Change, aim to build confidence and critical thinking skills in expression, and active citizenry respectively. The school also nurtures character and resilience in our students through an Outdoor and Adventure Programme for Secondary One, Two and Three, and develops STEM literacy through coding, and elective modules in partnership with ITE and polytechnics.

Whitleyans possess a love for and a positive attitude towards learning, and the heart to serve the community. They strive to be the best that they can be, and we are indeed proud of the outcomes they have achieved. In our 2015 cohort, four students attained 7-8 distinctions in the GCE ‘O’ level examinations, and five more students attained at least 5 distinctions in the GCE ‘N’/‘NT’ level examinations. We also have 10 students who have achieved in total 1 Gold, 4 Silver and 5 Bronze awards for the Royal Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition. Our uniformed groups have improved their performance in the respective unit assessments as compared to 2015. Our National Police Cadet Corps, Girls’ Brigade and Boys’ Brigade attained Gold while our Girl Guides and National Cadet Corps attained Silver. Our Gymnastics (Trampoline) continued to do the school proud by clinching the ‘B’ and ‘C’ Boys Overall 2nd, and ‘C’ Girls Overall 4th in the National Schools Gymnastics (Trampoline) Championships. All these, Whitleyans achieved through sheer hard work and determination, and the belief and guidance from teachers and coaches.

While the Whitley Education has reaped good outcomes, what matters most is to see Whitleyans leaving the school gates upholding the school values, and having developed their potential to the fullest, and are ready and willing to serve the

Mrs Tay Yang Fern